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What does science mean to you?

It’s back to school for ScienceGirl! It’s only the first week back and I’m already totally inspired by my interactions with students.

Yesterday, I spent the day asking students “What story would you tell?” and today we had a lively discussion about “What does science mean?”

I hope you had fun at your first week back at school too!http://moscowzem.ru/hochu-poluchit-kreditnuyu-kartu.php

Year of Science

I love buttons. My favorite one to wear is my “Ask Me” button. It can be an interesting experience walking around wearing an “Ask me” button. Anyways, I recently got a Year of Science button and it’s pretty cool too!

You should check out the Year of Science website for cool contests, events, scientist features, and more…

I might even see you there!

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Eye, Ear, Lip, Hip …

Today, I visited the University Transitions Program at UBC. I talked about what it’s like to be a young scientist, what I love about science, and the twisty turn-y path that I took from high school to where I am today.

I had fun playing a game with the two classes I visited. The game was to try and list as many three letter body parts as we could up in 5 seconds. Eye, Ear, Lip, Hip, those are just a few! How many more can you come up with?

Illustrations by Cornelius De Witt. 1959. Golden Press.

The point of this game was that we worked together we came up with many more answers (one class came up with 13). That’s exactly what I love about Science. It’s all about working together. When you’re sharing ideas and working collaboratively, you learn much more. One of my favorite parts about Science is talking to people who have different expertise sets and sharing ideas to get a deeper understanding of the answers to our common challenges. ???? ?????? ?????? ??? ? ??????