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CBC Quirks & Quarks Challenge

Host Bob McDonald and 10 experts will answer the 10 best questions sent in by you.

Do you have a burning question that’s never found an answer?

Have you ever wondered how sparrows survive the cold prairie winters, or why we get dark circles under our eyes, or why storms on other planets (like Jupiter) last for hundreds of years while storms on Earth last only weeks?

Here’s your chance to ask the question and have it answered by an expert on the Quirks & Quarks Question Show – recorded live on UBC campus, 8 March 2010.

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Ask a Question

Sometimes great minds think alike. If you’d like to ask a scientist a question, you should check out this very cool website from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.


Image from: http://www.askascientist.org/

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What question would you ask?

If you had a chance to visit with a scientist for a day, what questions would you ask? 

Illustration by Mark Witton

Often when students are thinking about science in school, they’re given advice that they should try volunteering in a lab.  The idea is that you can see first hand what it’s like to be a scientist and chat to the real people who do science.  Unfortunately, it’s pretty hard to find volunteering opportunities.

ScienceGirl would like to suggest an alternative.  If you post your questions here, she’ll find someone who works in a lab who can answer your questions.  Use the “Comments” button below … and ScienceGirl will reply online.

I’m thinking back to the first lab jobs that I had.  I worked for small biotechnology company growing cells, and in another research lab collecting DNA samples.  I asked all kinds of questions: About what is was like to be a scientist?  About how companies work?  About where people went to school?  About what they were reading?  About cells?  About DNA?  … the list goes on!

So, what kind of questions would you ask?http://matthewktabor.com/sms-zaym-na-bankovskuyu-kartu.php